Natural Supplements for Flight Anxiety

Do you love the idea of traveling to different countries and collecting souvenirs that remind you of the amazing memories you had on that trip? If you happen to be one of those people, you’ll surely make a great travel buddy. However, do you also ever get anxious about the fact that you’ll be so many miles up in the sky?

Enjoying travel but hating flights isn’t a great combo, as most international destinations would require you to get on a plane. But there’s nothing to worry about, as you’ll be excited to know that there are ways to curb your flight anxiety through natural supplements. Let’s get on board, shall we?

What is Flight Anxiety?

Flight anxiety is when one is up in the air and is constantly nervous about being so high in the sky. Many people refer to it with having a fear of heights. One’s flight anxiety might stem from it, sure, but not necessarily. You don’t have to be afraid of heights to get flight anxiety. Some people would bungee jump but won’t get on a plane – surprising, isn’t it?

Going through flight anxiety is natural. However, you can reduce it by consuming many natural supplements. Keep reading to know further.

Flight anxiety can have many different reasons. You might not like to be cramped up in small aircraft with so many other strangers. You might have a psychological fear of the plane crashing – it isn’t the most impossible thing in the world, after all. However, some might just not like the fact that they’re flying and would absolutely loathe turbulence.

Having anxiety in life generally is different from having anxiety on a plane. A completely non-anxious person can get flight anxiety as well – it’s an entirely separate form of anxiety altogether. When a person is going through flight anxiety, they convince their brain something terrible is bound to happen. Their heart starts racing, they start perspiring, and their pulse is through the roof.

It’s both unhealthy for you and uncomfortable for your co-passengers. Some extreme flight anxiety victims even cause mayhem and demand to be let off the plane. You don’t have to be one of those people. Help yourself now by following ways that curb your anxiety, and let you flow in a more relaxed state of mind.

What Can You Do About Your Flight Anxiety?

Before we tell you about the natural supplements you can ingest to curb your flight anxiety, we’d love to share some natural remedies you can practice to do so. After all, medicine isn’t your only fix to get rid of your panic attacks, nor would we want you to think so. Here are a few natural remedies you can follow:


Exercising before getting on the plane is a good way to relax your body and calm your nerves. We’re not asking you to do a sixty-minute workout routine that makes you sweat like a beast. But small jogs or stretches, or yoga, in particular, would do you good.

Avoid Caffeinated Beverages

Drinks with high caffeine, such as tea or coffee, can give you a strong kick, making you more nervous. The thing is, caffeine gives you a boost that elevates your current state of mind. Hence, it’s recommended that you don’t drink any caffeine, especially if you go through flight anxiety. It furthers boosts the heartbeat and won’t sit well with you while you’re on a plane.

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

CBT is a good way to know the root cause of your problem. Before getting on a plane, ideally, a night before, identify the root cause of your flight anxiety. Go back in your memories and investigate the exact day that led you to flight anxiety. Did something traumatic happen? Is it because you heard of a plane crash? What is it that has made you so anxious about getting on a plane? Identify the problem, and look for a solution to eradicate those problems.

Distract Yourself

Another way to distract yourself is by coloring. Coloring is also often viewed as a great therapy exercise. Many people do it to control their anger a lot better, while many do it as a simple stress buster. Making sure to color in between the lines will help you get through the flight smoothly. You’ll become so focused; you might not even hear the turbulence (if there is any).

Further Distractive Techniques

More distractive techniques have been identified that revolve around the five senses.


Keeping yourself distracted through your taste buds is also a good technique to avoid flight anxiety. You can chew on hard candy or even drink herbal tea. The latter is known to calm one’s nerves and help unwind and relax. Bring your favorite snacks onboard, and focus on indulging in them.


Bring with yourself an object whose smell or fragrance relaxes you. This might include a stuffed toy whose smell takes you back to your childhood, a perfume given to you by someone special, reminding you of them. Further objects can include a fragrant scarf or your favorite flower.


Objects that bring you comfort are also a good way to take care of your flight anxiety. Things such as a soft blanket or a fluffy pillow from home that reminds you that you’re in a safe place. Touching such objects will soothe you in many ways and help you get through the flight with ease.


Bring a book that keeps you busy throughout the flight. It can be a self-help book that relaxes you or a romantic tale that will keep you engrossed throughout. Whatever your favorite genre of books is, bring it along on your flight, and you shall be good to go. Another thing to do is watch your favorite movie or TV series through in-flight entertainment. Good performances of your favorite actors shall keep you entertained and busy until the plane lands.


Distracting yourself after you’ve gotten on the flight will keep your mind off the disturbing thoughts that might occur to you. There are several ways to do so. One way of distracting yourself is by indulging in music. Block the noise out, and simply focus on the music. If not music, then listen to podcasts that might soothe you. If podcasts aren’t your thing, then ASMR might help you with distracting you. Whatever you go for, the point is to distract yourself.

Passive Techniques

When we talk about passive technique, many psychologists recommend taking medication to calm the nerves. Such medication includes anti-anxiety pills, such as Xanax and Lorazepam. However, the thing with such medication is that they all have certain side effects that may not be very beneficial for you. The side effects that you might go through can be greater than the anxiety itself.

You might feel too tired or dizzy after the plane has landed, and that can be highly troublesome for you, especially if you have a board meeting to catch or are visiting a country for the very first time where you have to be mentally present. Hence, instead of relying on anti-anxiety medication, it’s better to turn to natural supplements that help you get your flight anxiety in check. More of that will be discussed in the next section.

Natural Supplements for Flight Anxiety

Luckily, there are now many natural supplements that help you relax on a plane, and that doesn’t include injecting any medicinal drugs into your system. Between choosing between natural supplements and over-the-counter medication, it’s always better to with the former. Getting your body used to medication isn’t a good idea, especially if your condition can be treated normally. Here are a few natural supplements for flight anxiety.

Yogi Kava Tea (B0009F3QKW)

Many herbalists are now recommending this tea, as the herbs present inside do wonders for your nerves. You’ll automatically feel more relaxed and at ease right after you consume this tea. You have two options. First, drink this tea before your flight (on your way to the airport or in the boarding lounge). The second option is to do so just as you get on a plane, right before the takeoff. Do as you think will work better for you. Just get a huge cup of steaming hot water and dip two tea bags of this herbal tea. Rest assured, the whole flight will seem like a dream.

Bach’s Rescue Pastilles (B000OC1ETU)

These candy cum pills aid in a better sleep experience. They are perfect for consuming before you get on a flight. The best part about them is that they’re almost like sweet candies, so you won’t have to go through the traumatic experience of ingesting something smelly and disgusting before you get on the plane. These come for kids as well; however, those are created and made slightly differently. All you need to do is pop one pill, and your flight won’t seem as much of a nightmare as you had anticipated.

Natural Calm Magnesium (B00BPUY3W0)

As the name suggests, these pills contain magnesium and are highly effective, especially for long overnight flights. They calm you down in an instant and will also help you sleep better during the flight. The best part about them is that they’re all natural all the way. They don’t contain any added preservatives and are perfectly fit for the human body. So, you don’t have to worry about any side effects as they don’t have any.

Essential Oil Roll-On (B07JR6B5P1)

A roll-on dipped in essential oils is also in the market now. It’s simple to use and highly portable, making this natural supplement a must-have on the plane. Just apply the roll on the back of your neck or your wrists, and experience the magic first-hand. You’ll literally feel your body in a more relaxed state, and flying up in the air won’t seem as scary! Furthermore, you can also keep smelling it to calm yourself down (refer to the “smell distractive technique” mentioned above for more clarity).

Essential Oil Inhaler (680912015486)

The same comes in an inhaler version as well. This works wonders for people who have breathing problems while on a plane or suffer from asthma. Just pull up the inhaler up to your mouth and inhale to get the essence of the essential oils into your system. The essence will spread throughout your body and help you become more relaxed.

Dream Dust (815784020904)

Many people opt for alcohol to calm themselves down. It might work, but alcohol is generally not the healthiest thing for your body. Hence, an effective tool to try is the dream dust. Trust us, it’s exactly as it sounds, and the effect is dreamier than the name itself. Just sprinkle some of it in any beverage of your choice (tea or juice), and let the dust get through your system. You’ll immediately feel very relaxed and will have a good sleep throughout your flight.

Just Water (B093L961SD)

Drinking lots of water during your flight might make you run several circles around the lavatory; however, it’s important to consume as much water as you can to help yourself by being more relaxed. Hydration is key to feeling better, especially when getting gouts of anxiety. You might have often seen people drinking water like crazy when they’re sweating, nervous, or simply panting. The thing is, drinking sufficient water instantly calms our bodies down. Think of it as a way to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Flight anxiety is something very natural that everyone might go through at some point in their life. The major cause varies for everyone differently. But one thing that all flight-anxiety victims have in common is that their anxiety is related to some kind of trauma they may have faced earlier in their life.

But the good news is that you don’t have to live with it forever, and it can be solved if you take the initiative. Also, as mentioned above as well, it’s recommended that you cure your flight anxiety naturally through clean supplements rather than OTC medication. You can now enjoy your vacations much more from the get-go as soon as you get on the plane!

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