5 Reasons Why You Feel Tired After Meditation

Meditating in the morning or whenever you feel the need can help you have an excellent day throughout, depending on how well your meditation session was. If you managed to concentrate and focus on nothing but what’s going on inside you, you should be glad as you would’ve had a successful meditation session.

However, many people complain of discerning tired after meditating, which is the opposite of its desired effect. If you have similar complaints, then a few things you’re doing wrong may be depriving you of experiencing the refreshing effect meditation provides.

Let’s analyze a few potential reasons for feeling tired after meditating.

Why Should You Meditate?

Meditation is the perfect exercise if you wish to escape all your stress and anxiety and explore new realms of peace. Many people have become obsessed with meditation as it’s known to improve one’s mental health. The more a person meditates, the calmer and at peace they’ll find themselves. Meditation is an excellent tool to help you achieve a mental capacity you hadn’t even imagined.

Reasons for Feeling Tired After Meditating

If you’ve been waking up earlier in the morning just so you can squeeze in a healthy meditation session, you’re on the right track. However, if you feel tired whenever you meditate, you must be doing something that isn’t conducive to your health. Meditation should make you feel fresh and energetic, not make you feel tired and lazy. Let’s explore a few possible reasons you feel tired instead of refreshed and active.


If you’ve generally been lazy in the past with zero physical activity, it might take a lot more than to wake up early in the morning to change that. It’s great you’ve taken the initiative and have started enjoying the morning sun. However, laziness makes your body run low on energy, which is why you might not feel as active in the beginning.

However, there’s nothing to worry about as you can always change your lifestyle. All you have to do is incorporate some physical activity (running or swimming) to make your body used to it. When you do so, you’ll feel less lazy and start experiencing the benefits of meditation.

You’re a Beginner

Feeling tired after meditation may not entirely be your fault, as that’s a common occurrence with beginners. Infusing meditation into your lifestyle is an excellent step towards being healthier. However, it’ll take time for you to adjust fully. So, if you’re a beginner who’s just started meditating, you might feel quite sleepy in the initial days. However, the more you meditate, the more familiar you’ll become with it.

Hence, if you feel tired after you’ve just meditated, you must know your brain has started adapting to it. When you keep meditating frequently, you’ll start noticing you’re getting less sleepy each passing day. This indicates that your mind and body have started to accept meditating, and once you become a pro at it, you won’t feel tired or sleepy.

Lack of Nutrition

Believe it or not, eating the right food plays a massive role in your tiredness (whether you meditate or otherwise). The human body needs sufficient nutrients as they act as a source of energy. This energy is required to keep the body running throughout the day. If you aren’t eating correctly, your body won’t have the energy to do anything. Nutritional food is like the fuel that runs your body.

Hence, when you start eating the right foods (at the correct times), you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day. So, you have to stop eating excessive junk and replace it with healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. You must also take protein in some form. When your body gets the required minerals, it’ll automatically become pumped, freeing you from any tiredness you’re experiencing.

Incorrect Meditation

If you’re a beginner, you must now know that meditation comes in different ways. You must choose to meditate in the right way if you wish to have a successful meditation session adequately. If you don’t, you probably won’t get it right, leading to you not enjoying the desired results. We’ll recommend you research the different types of meditation to know which technique would work on you the best.

Once you know the type of meditation suitable for you, you should begin experiencing the benefits meditation is meant to bring. Feeling tired after working hard on an incorrect technique is normal, and it’s not your fault. However, it would help if you were mindful of what works for you and what doesn’t. Hence, meditating in the proper form will eventually do you good.

An Unfamiliar Practice

Meditation is an excellent and healthy technique to incorporate into your lifestyle. The benefits it provides work significantly well on people, which is also why it has become so prevalent today. However, meditation isn’t something that anyone can master within a day. It takes time and patience for the mind and body to adapt to meditation.

So, if you feel sleepy or tired, it’s because your mind isn’t accepting to meditate yet. Everyone typically has a lot going on in their minds, which significantly contributes to their stress. Hence, it’s an entirely new practice for the mind to silence its thoughts and experience tranquility. The point of the matter is that until your mind becomes accustomed to this new practice, it’s normal to feel tired after meditating.

Our Final Thoughts

We have shared the primary reasons causing you to feel tired after your meditation session. You don’t have to worry, though, as these issues can easily be fixed, as long as you have the will. When you work on these problems, you’ll eventually find yourself enjoying all the fantastic benefits that meditation brings.

It’s natural not to get it right a few times in the start. Meditation is a slow process that takes time to master. However, if you’ve committed to it and have the perseverance to meditate for a while, you shall be on your way to experiencing everything great that meditation provides.

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