How to Build a Meditation Pyramid

Meditation has become an essential part of many of our lives as it is an efficient way to provide relief from the stress of daily lives. One method that has been gaining popularity and has shown many positive results is meditating under a pyramid structure.

Meditating under a pyramid-shaped structure has been known to attract energy while making the meditator feel fresher, more energized, and relieved of stress. The science behind meditating under a pyramid is that the structure represents fire, which in Greek methodology represents the global symbol of power and energy. And hence, the structure attracts positive vibes and energy from the environment and transfers it onto the meditator.

You can easily buy a DIY meditation pyramid kit from Amazon or keep reading to learn how you can build a meditation pyramid yourself at home.

What You’ll Need

In order to build a copper meditation pyramid, here are the things you will need:

  1. 5 Copper pipes (½ – 1-inch diameter)
  2. Copper electrical wires
  3. Keyring
  4. Drill machine
  5. Plyers

Following is the step-by-step process on how you can make a meditation pyramid at home:

Step 1

You will need four copper pipes to create the structure. Join all four from one end and hold it in place with a scotch tape.

Step 2

You’ll need to use a keyring to connect them together. Make a mark on your copper pipes where you want to drill a hole.

Step 3

Drill holes at both ends of your pipe, and with the help of pliers, pass the keyring through all 4 of the rods.

Step 4

After this procedure, you will have four rods connected at one end. You’ll now utilize your copper wires to construct the pyramid’s base.

Step 5

You’ll notice the copper wires you have are double as that is how they are sold. Therefore, you are going to have to split them before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6

Now that you have your copper wire ready, tie a knot at one end of the wire and pass the other end through the hole you made in the pipes.

Step 7

Continue this until you have a copper wire base.

Step 8

You now have your own meditation pyramid, and you can open it and make it stand wherever you like for meditation purposes.

Copper Pyramid Benefits

Copper pyramids are great for meditation, but you can also use wood meditation pyramids. However, copper is known to be a better option due to its neutral energy. It is a great material to instantly make you feel energized and enhanced. A copper meditation pyramid can be used as an energetic refuge for acupuncture, massages, reiki, therapy, and other healing treatments by healing practitioners.

There are several proven benefits of copper pyramids, including:

Spiritual benefits

  • Increasing internal awareness
  • Strengthening our relationship with nature
  • Improving our feeling of connection
  • leading us in the direction of illumination

Physical Benefits

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Improved levels of energy
  • Blood detoxification
  • Improving overall regeneration

Mental/Emotional Benefits

  • Self-improvement is fostered.
  • Getting rid of a defeatist mindset
  • promoting optimism
  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation improves

Different copper pyramid sizes

Copper pyramids are available in different sizes, built at varying angles, depending on the kind of healing you are looking for. Every size of a meditation pyramid serves a purpose. Let’s dive deeper into the different pyramid sizes.

The Giza Pyramid

Pyramids made of copper-based on the Giza Pyramids. The inclination of the Giza meditation pyramid’s sides can vary dramatically from one to the next and is related to the golden ratio pyramids and express tremendous energy at specific frequencies connected with their angles. The main reason why meditation pyramids based on the construction of the pyramids of Giza are so helpful for meditation and self-healing is that the frequencies are in tune with the energy centers of the human body.

The Nubian Pyramid

The slope of the Nubian pyramids differs significantly from that of the Giza pyramids. The basic difference between Giza and the Nubians is represented by this change in slope. These two slopes, both golden ratio pyramids, are incredibly intriguing and exhibit tremendous energy at precise frequencies linked with their angles. Nubian pyramids are inspired by the pyramids of Meroe and are ideal for meditating positions like standing, sitting, or sitting on a chair.

What is the Golden Ratio Pyramid?

Both Giza and Nubian pyramids are built to reflect the golden ratio, which is a special connection that can be seen in creation. It’s unique in that it permits nature to grow and proliferate while keeping faithful to itself. Both the Giza and Nubian pyramids honor and reflect this proportion, serving as energizing reminders of the same themes of purity and equilibrium found in nature.

Giza VS Nubian

While the most important part of efficient meditation is our own concentration and focus, it also matters what shape and what material the pyramid is made of. When you decide the shape of the pyramid you want, you are deciding the vibrational effects caused by its inclination.

The “frequency” of a pyramid is determined by the angle of its vertices. There are numerous pyramid slopes to choose from. When we talk about the healing energies emitted by pyramids, some are more powerful than others.

The heart chakra is associated with the Giza-Style gradient, while the throat chakra is associated with the Nubian pyramid gradient (which has a higher intensity). Every pyramid meditating approach corresponds to the pyramid healing technique that deals with the upper and lower surfaces and the matching frequency. Time is shown laterally, and being is represented upward.

Because the Giza-shaped pyramid focuses its energy on the heart, it provides overall therapeutic and healing properties. When you focus all the energy on the heart, your entire body automatically responds to it, restoring and healing itself.

The Nubian-shaped pyramid, on the other hand, Nubian is more beneficial for people dealing with themes of independence and empowerment. Another reason could be aligning one’s life path with heavenly guidance and being able to trust that enlightenment.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you make your own meditation pyramid in line with the requirements you aim to incorporate.

While meditating is itself a great way to provide benefits to your body and soul, using a meditation pyramid will only amplify its effects.

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