The Best Stones for Meditation

If you often feel stressed, an effective way to get rid of it is meditation. Meditation has become a rather popular healing process, and many people have started believing its effectiveness. If you haven’t yet tried meditation, we’ll suggest you give it a try to know how helpful it can be.

How can we not mention stones and crystals while talking about meditation? Stones and crystals are the perfect tools to get you started with your meditation. These ancient stones are created from Mother Earth and carry healing properties that have instant results on the mind and body.

If you’re new to meditation, it’s natural not to know which stone should you use in your meditation process. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a guide that shall explain different stones’ unique features to you. Let’s jump into that and more about the benefits of meditation.

Getting Started: What Does Science Say About Stones?

It might be a little surprising, but there isn’t much evidence backing the claim that stones are excellent tools for self-healing. Meditation is a well-acknowledged healing process, but stones during meditation don’t have much proof out there. This gets a little tricky for people who believe in the power of stones. However, some spiritual healers have conducted research proving that stones contribute significantly to healing.

Medicinal Healing

So, there are two types of healing: medicinal and placebo. Medicinal healing is when one cures themselves by ingesting the appropriate medicines in their system. Pills contain drugs and chemicals that help people get better from a particular disease. Medicinal healing is an official and scientific healing process that considers modern medicine. However, some problems are beyond medicine’s reach and can be cured by the power of spirituality and its tools.

Placebo Healing

This is where placebo healing comes in. Placebo healing is when an individual genuinely believes they’re healing. They might not ingest a proper medicine or get the appropriate treatment. But as long as they’ve given themselves the affirmation that they’re healing, that specific placebo will indeed work on them. People will have to have a strong sense of faith and spirituality to recover from the problems they’re going through.

The Contrasting Natures

Many specialists claim that placebo healing may have greater significance than medicinal healing as people can get through anything as long as they believe in spirituality. The placebo effect may not have a scientific treatment, but many healthcare specialists are now prescribing placebos to their patients as it does work on the brain in its ways. The human mind is more adaptable than one might think. It can believe whatever you tell it, which is why placebos have such an excellent effect on it.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can bring you many benefits that other forms of treatment may not. It’s an excellent healing process, helping you bring focus into your life. The only thing you need to meditate successfully is plenty of patience and a clear mind. Achieving either can be a challenge, but once you do, you’ll be exposed to a new brand of mental energy that you’ve never experienced before. Let’s analyze some of the benefits meditation offers.

Destress Immediately

If you’re an adult past your 20s, it’s given to experiences gouts of stress now and then. Adulting can be challenging, and it’s normal to feel stressed, whether it’s because of work or relationships. As long as you come up with a suitable method to destress, adulting will seem a little easier. This is where meditation comes in. It helps you clear your mind, eliminating all disturbing thoughts immediately. You’ll feel relieved, with a massive burden lifting off your chest. Try meditation, and experience the destressing effect for yourself.

Gain Perspective

Another advantage of frequently meditating, if not daily, is that it adds a lot more substance to your perspective. Meditation clears your mind and helps you see the bigger picture. The more you meditate, the more positivity you’ll feel around yourself. If you’ve been having negative thoughts lately, meditating can help you replace them with more positive ones. So, if you’re up for gaining some perspective, we’ll highly recommend that you start meditating. The after-effects of an excellent meditating session are unmatched.

Become Self-Aware

If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, it’s about time you spend some alone time to see where your mind is at. What better way to have some time to yourself than to meditate? It automatically helps you see and think clearly. As humans, we become highly dubious of ourselves. We believe we’re not good enough and often start thinking too little of ourselves. That primarily happens when we don’t honestly know who we are. So, to become more self-aware and know your strengths and weaknesses, it’s best to meditate. The alone time you get by meditating helps you figure yourself out.

Enhance Focus Levels

Meditation is considered the most effective way to sharpen your focus. If you feel you get distracted easily, you should start meditating every morning, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Meditation sharpens your mind by helping you realize what you should be focusing on. It’s normal to have millions of thoughts in your head. But frequent meditation enables you to organize those thoughts and prioritize the more urgent ones. If you want to win in life, having adequate focus is the key to doing that. Luckily, meditation teaches you how to have to do that.

Boost Imagination and Creativity

Another benefit of frequently meditating is that it boosts your imagination a lot. Meditating can prove great for you if you’re not someone with a wild imagination. Lacking an active and creative imagination might prevent you from looking at the big picture, which is why you must start meditating. Your creativity also increases, which can come in pretty handy. If you feel uninspired at work, start meditating to get your creative imagination back. Trust us; it’ll be more beneficial than you think. Starting your mornings with a good meditation session will help you relax even more.

Best Stones for Meditation

Since you’re all caught up with how beneficial meditation can be, we hope you’ll start incorporating it into your daily routine. Meanwhile, let’s explore some of the best stones considered excellent tools in a healthy meditation session. These stones carry significant healing properties and can have a highly soothing effect on your mind.

Citrine (B08K7CCDWG)

Citrine is a stone that looks like a citrus fruit: bright, poppy, and colorful. Citrine is known to replace all negative energy you’re carrying with a more positive one. While meditating, having some Citrine stones around will create a healthy space where you can sublime and leave all your worries behind. If you ever feel down, we’ll suggest you meditate with some Citrine as it will lift your mood instantly. Citrine has become a commonly used meditating stone as it brings an individual wealth and happiness.

Clear Quartz (B08GHF1N77)

If you want to become clear about what you want in life, this stone is undoubtedly for you. Clear Quartz resembles a beautiful diamond and is known to bring one’s intentions into the light. People who frequently meditate use Clear Quartz as it’s known for its master-healing properties. You can use Clear Quartz stones whenever you feel dubious about yourself and want to amplify your energy. Meditating with Clear Quartz stones help you come to terms with your ambition, giving you more motivation to put it into action.

Black Tourmaline (B08X69X5D2)

Black Tourmaline is the best stone to have around if you aim to protect yourself from any negative energy. If you believe greatly in spirituality, you’ll know how mighty the wrath of envy can be. Hence, it’s best to keep some Black Tourmaline stones around you so that they can protect you from any bad omen. It will snatch away any negative energy surrounding you and help you feel at ease. Frequent meditators consider Black Tourmaline a cloak of protection that ensures you’re surrounded with positivity.

Rose Quartz (B08NY4M5ND)

If you’ve recently experienced heartbreak in a relationship, you’ll benefit substantially from this Rose Quartz stone. This pink-colored stone represents universal love and helps you practice self-love like nothing else. Meditating with this stone will help you find compassion as you’ve never experienced before. It also allows you to develop into a much more nurturing person. People who use Rose Quartz often know how healing its effects are. Popular opinion claims this stone is the best to become lighthearted and feel joy.

Selenite (B01AVN7CP6)

This beautifully transparent stone represents peace and serenity. Selenite helps one calm down and feel peace from within. Often, there comes a phase in one’s life where they feel like they’re just passing through the universe: constantly in a rush. Hence, if you meditate with some Selenite, you’ll feel at ease as your tangled nerves will start to detangle themselves. The Selenite stone is a clear and transparent white stone that looks like an angel with wings. It also helps you become more self-aware, helping you clear your mind from raw thoughts.

Amethyst (B094XNVM2W)

If purple’s your color, you’re going to love this lilac-lavender-colored stone. Amethyst helps people who struggle plenty with stress and anxiety. This stone is considered to have a calming presence that helps one leave their worries behind. Anxiety can often cloud your sense of self, which isn’t the healthiest. Thus, meditating with some Amethyst stones will help you get in touch with yourself, allowing you to explore your deepest thoughts and desires. Whenever you feel anxious, touch an Amethyst stone to your forehead to take in its healing powers.

Moonstone (B07WG7HTJD)

Moonstone is a stone that glows with feminine light. It’s believed that meditating with Moonstones can help you find an emotional balance in your life. Meditating with Moonstones is more beneficial if you do so on a full-moon night. It will automatically fill your life with luminous energy and replace any doubts and fear you have with motivation and courage. Moonstone allows one to follow their intuition and prevent getting caught in their fears. Touch a Moonstone to your heart to leave your ego behind and fill up with nothing but light.

Labradorite (B0971YBJWP)

Labradorite is an interesting stone that takes one to dark places during meditation. However, it only shows how to come out of those places and follow a righter path. This stone is made with blues and silvers, having a vision of magic to its look. Labradorite stones’ appearance has plenty going on, and that’s how they precisely function too. Labradorite stones protect one from negative energy and ensure whoever uses it feels strong after using it. Labradorite stones have incredibly high vibrations, which is how it replaces the negative energy one’s surrounded with.

Obsidian (B08L3LWVKV)

This pure black stone is the best to meditate with if you can’t seem to escape certain situations. Some people can’t let go and will keep involving themselves in situations that are harmful to them. The Obsidian stone protects its users from toxic conditions, allowing them to escape entirely and enter into a state of calm. Obsidian stones exude incredibly raw energy that enhances one’s aura instantly. The calmness one feels after meditating with an Obsidian stone is pretty redemptive. Hence, meditate with the Obsidian stone if you want the mental energy to escape harmful situations.

Our Final Thoughts

Meditating can bring substantial changes to your life if you start believing in the power of meditating stones. These ancient stones are created to give out positives and help heal users. Meditation stones have an aura that automatically lifts one, giving people optimistic hope about what’s to come in their lives. If you use the stones mentioned above, you’ll start seeing a stark difference in your behavior and attitude.

You’ll feel much lighter as any negative traits you had would be replaced with more nurturing and kind ones. You don’t have to keep feeling down, as you can start meditating with these stones to get rid of any anxiety and fear. Those mentioned above are the best stones for meditation, given their healing power.

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