Best Herbal Teas for Hot Flashes

A hot flash is when you suddenly feel your skin burning, causing you to sweat immensely. Hot flashes are usually not a good sign, and they indicate your body’s under too much stress. When you experience a hot flash, you may ensure irritable skin, making you feel itchy and hot.

A hot flash can happen anywhere and doesn’t require you to be under the open sky. Many people experience hot flashes at night when they’re asleep, causing them to sweat in their sleep. If you’ve begun experiencing hot flashes frequently, it’s best to treat them through natural remedies, such as herbal teas.

This article will explore which herbal teas work the best on hot flashes.

How to Control Hot Flashes?

The good news is you don’t have to worry too much about hot flashes as they’re temporary. However, getting them often isn’t a good sign. So, if you’ve got a hot flash and don’t plan on getting more of them, here are a few ways to control or prevent them.


Acupuncture is a common technique to release stress from your body. If stress is why you’re getting hot flashes, getting acupuncture will be a wise option. If you keep getting acupuncture, you won’t find yourself dealing with a hot flash as it completely resolves them.

Change Lifestyle

A lifestyle upgrade is needed if you’ve begun to get many hot flashes. A hot flash may last up to five seconds to five minutes, depending on how stressed you are. You need to sleep and eat at the right time and engage in healthy activities. Changing your lifestyle may help you not get hot flashes anymore.

Avoid Triggers

Sometimes, your medication can have side effects that make you suffer through a hot flash. Apart from that, numerous triggers can lead you to have a hot flash. Triggers work differently for everyone. It might take a while for you to figure out yours. However, coffee and wine are common triggers that cause hot flashes.

Best Herbal Teas for Hot Flashes

You don’t need to pop pills to prevent hot flashes from occurring. Treating them naturally through natural remedies will help you perfectly from not experiencing them. Drinking herbal teas is an excellent way to rid yourself of any hot flashes. These teas have excellent benefits that help you experience better health like never before. So, which herbal teas are the best for hot flashes? Let’s get into it.

Black Cohosh Root (B00DLDHFG0)

This herbal tea is one of the best herbal teas to consume to prevent hot flashes. Many people ingest it through pills, while others prefer to drink a black cohosh infused tea. Black cohosh tea is known as an alternate for hormone replacement therapy. So, if you’ve been getting hot flashes due to hormonal imbalance, this herbal tea will work perfectly for you. However, please beware that black cohosh root tea shouldn’t be consumed if you have a liver problem.

Ginseng (B07CMZ7ZW2)

This is a rather uncommon herbal tea that helps people alleviate their moods. Ginseng is known to reduce mood changes and help people sleep better. This herbal tea improves individuals’ overall health and well-being, helping them practice a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve been getting hot flashes lately, drinking ginseng will help you reduce them. Its healing properties enhance one’s health, helping them have more control of their bodies.

Chasteberry Tea (628240201140)

Chasteberry tea provides one with a kick of vitamins that help them increase their immunity. People with strong immunities tend to be immune from getting hot flashes, no matter how hot the day. This herbal tea perfectly regulates and maintains hormone levels that prevent any imbalances. Chasteberry tea is highly effective, but you should consult a health expert first to know how much should you drink throughout the day.

Red Raspberry Leaf (B00016AQS4)

Red raspberry leaf is an excellent tea, especially for women entering menopause. Menopause may cause a hormonal shift, a common cause of hot flashes. However, this tea can reduce your chances of getting hot flashes, given its healing properties are unparalleled. Another benefit is that red raspberry tea tastes incredible as it has a sweet juicy finish. If you’re normally not a fan of how herbal tea tastes, you’ll love this one!

Red Clover (B00SORY65G)

Another herbal tea you can consume to prevent hot flashes is red clover tea. This herbal tea increases bone strength and manages high blood pressure. Since sweating is a common symptom of hot flashes, red clover tea can help you sweat less (even during nighttime). Red clover tea also boosts one’s immunity, making them safe from sudden hot flashes. This herbal tea is considered highly safe as it doesn’t come with any negative side effects.

Dong Quai (B00297W1ZE)

Since hot flashes happen due to hormonal imbalances, most herbal teas work brilliantly well on hormones. Dong Quai, in particular, helps to regulate hormone levels in a way that you experience fewer symptoms. If you’ve been getting cramps lately, drinking dong Quai tea will help you get rid of them or lessen them. However, please note not to drink this herbal tea if you’re about to or have recently got surgery as it interferes with blood clotting.

Valerian Root (B00DLN8190)

This herbal tea has health benefits that include treating one’s insomnia. If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep, drinking valerian root tea will help you sleep well. It also works rather well on headaches, effectively reducing them. You might feel a gush of anxiety during a hot flash as you might not be able to register what’s happening. Hence, valerian root tea helps reduce your feeling of anxiousness. Overall, valerian root is a suitable herbal tea to prevent hot flashes.

Licorice Tea (B00DLKV6L8)

Last on the list is licorice tea. It isn’t just a well-known candy but also an excellent herb that can give you incredible health benefits. Licorice tea is known to reduce stress, helping you feel more relaxed. This herbal tea is suitable for preventing hot flashes and strengthening the respiratory system. Hence, if you want your hot flashes to go away, we recommend incorporating licorice tea into your daily routine to experience its benefits.

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