Best Herbal Teas for Hair Growth

Lack of hair growth can severely tamper with one’s confidence. If you’ve been struggling with hair loss lately, you might want to try natural supplements that can strengthen the roots of your hair. You can always get a medical procedure done, but why go through such an excessive treatment plan if you can encourage growth spurt naturally.

Herbal tea is a natural supplement said to offer numerous health benefits. Different herbal teas have different effects, and the best part is that there are no side effects. Try incorporating herbal tea into your daily diet, and see the positive effects for yourself. New hair growth will positively impact your confidence, making herbal teas a pretty effective supplement to consume.

Let’s see which herbal teas are the best for hair growth.

Benefits of Herbal Tea for Hair Growth

Herbal teas have healing properties that result in better functioning of the body. Herbal teas also enhance one’s skin, helping them strengthen their hair follicles. This directly results in new hair growth that proves herbal tea’s credibility. Let’s explore a few herbal teas’ many benefits on hair growth.

Purifies Blood

Many toxins enter our system and damage the functioning of our bodies, including our hair follicles. Drinking herbal teas can help us eliminate them from our system. When our blood is purified, we’ll automatically have healthier kidneys, liver, and skin, encouraging hair spurt.

Stimulates Scalp Circulation

Many herbs significantly aid in a better flow. When infused into a tea, such herbs can help with better blood circulation in the entire body. This will include scalp circulation, too, activating follicle cells so they can grow healthier and stronger hair.

Provides Nutrition to Follicles

Herbal teas are made from many dried leaves that act as perfect nutrients for your hair follicles. Your hair follicles are provided with adequate minerals and vitamins that aid hair growth. The more herbal tea you consume, the better your hair growth.

Strengthens Hair

Frequently drinking herbal tea can strengthen your hair from the core. Many people think herbal tea only helps with growing hair. However, it also strengthens it by ensuring they don’t experience breakage or falling out.

Best Herbal Teas for Hair Growth

Since we’ve already established how beneficial herbal tea is for hair growth, it’s about time you find out which herbal teas you should be drinking to have better hair. When you start consuming the right herbal teas, you’ll automatically experience new hair growth in a few weeks. You’ll never stop once you get used to drinking herbal tea, as the health benefits are surreal. Let’s see which herbal teas are the best for hair growth.

Nettle Leaf Tea (B00JKK43AO)

Nettle leaf tea is a common herbal tea enriched with vitamins A, B, C, D, and K. These nutrients are vital for your body’s healthy functioning. Also, nettle lea tea comes with potassium, iron, and sulfur, which aid plenty in hair growth. Nettle leaf tea removes toxins from the body, given its healing properties. Drinking nettle leaf tea can help you prevent hair fall, making it quite useful.

Horsetail Tea (B00DLKCY2I)

Horsetail tea is another excellent herbal tea to consume if you want stronger hair. Horsetail tea is known to make one’s hair shinier than before. If you want to prevent hair fall and shedding, drinking horsetail tea would be wise. We recommend mixing horsetail with other natural supplements, like oils, and massaging it onto your scalp for better breathability for your roots.

Green Tea (B001E5E38K)

Green tea is a pretty common beverage many people consume after having large meals as it aids digestion. However, it also proves other benefits, including promoting new hair growth. The antioxidants that green tea contains help with blood circulation. A little-known fact is that the herbs in green tea are DHT-blockers, an androgen responsible for hair loss. This directly helps to strengthen your hair follicles.

Rosemary Tea (B00DLM5MO8)

One reason you’re not growing new hair is poor blood circulation. This generally indicates you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. Drinking rosemary tea can help your blood circulation, resulting in your hair roots growing thicker and healthier hair. Also, rosemary tea can help you darken your hair if the grays are more than the blacks.

Peppermint Tea (B07BRBSVK4)

Peppermint tea is another herbal tea that many people drink for hair spurt and encourages cellular activity, which helps in growing thicker hair. Peppermint tea provides a calming relief which also increases breathability for the roots of your hair. This herbal tea is known for providing faster hair growth. Hence, you can always try giving peppermint tea a shot if you want to grow healthier hair.

Jasmine Tea (B000R4G4TU)

Jasmine tea is significantly known for fighting against and preventing scalp infections. It’s more beneficial when infused with green tea as the latter’s caffeine levels and antioxidants help encourage new hair growth. Jasmine tea can also keep your scalp moisturized. So, consuming a cup of jasmine tea will do you pretty well.

Ginger Tea (B0009F3S7I)

If you struggle with brittle hair, ginger tea is undoubtedly for you. You can cut a few slices of ginger and put them into a hot cup of water, or you can directly buy ginger tea bags. Either way, you’ll expose yourself to many health benefits, including stronger and thicker hair. Drinking ginger tea will also give your hair a natural sheen that will make your hair look as beautiful as ever!

Our Final Thoughts

Herbal teas are excellent supplements to consume if you want to cleanse your body of toxins so that your hair follicles can be fed proper nutrition through your cells. Herbal teas are also known for helping your scalp with its blood circulation, resulting in better hair growth.

No matter how intense your hair fall is, drinking herbal teas will positively affect your hair growth. If you haven’t given herbal teas a shot, you should try one of them mentioned above to see your results. Herbal teas offer plenty of other benefits, so drinking them will prove beneficial anyway.

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