Best Herbal Teas for Migraines

Migraines can make your entire day go terrible as they’ll prevent you from focusing on anything. Migraines are a great source of inconvenience that can drain you of all your energy, disabling you to accomplish a productive day. The worst thing is that migraines happen suddenly, leaving you stressed.

While you can take medications to treat your migraines, it’s better to treat them with natural remedies that won’t cause any side effects. Drinking herbal teas for migraines has become a popular remedy that allows people to experience fewer migraines. So, which herbal teas work the best on migraines? Let’s find out!

 The Underlying Causes of Migraines

While there is no evidence on precisely what causes a migraine, it’s believed that genetics have a significant role to play in leaving people with a migraine. If you have a family history of problems with the nervous system, you will probably get migraines at any point in your life.

Best Herbal Teas for Migraines

Another reason for migraine is environmental factors. Environmental factors such as dust, smoke, noise pollution, etc., can lead you to get a migraine. However, the good news is that migraines caused by environmental factors are temporary, and you don’t have to live with them for life.

A migraine is caused when the trigeminal nerve has altered interactions with the brainstem. The trigeminal nerve is a major pathway that plays a sufficient role in causing a migraine. These unusual interactions cause an imbalance in the brain chemicals that leads to a person having a migraine.

How Do Herbal Teas Help with Migraines?

Herbal teas have herbs infused in them that are derived from plants and flower stems. Herbal teas have plenty of health benefits, including the calming relief they provide. When you have fine herbs in your system, your muscles will automatically relax, making you feel comfortable.

Hence, when you’re dealing with a migraine, you should drink herbal tea to experience the soothing effect the tea will bring. Some herbal teas also aid in better sleep, allowing you to have an excellent sleep and escape from bearing your migraine.

Best Herbal Teas for Migraines

Since we’ve established how herbal teas benefit when you have a migraine, you should also know some of the best herbal teas that can help you relieve your migraine. If you want to get rid of your migraine without taking any medication, drinking herbal tea is your best bet. Let’s explore some of the best herbal teas to help you during your migraine.

1. Chamomile Tea (B00IV6HJOK)

Chamomile tea is an effective herbal tea considered one of the best teas to relieve stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea also includes anti-inflammatory properties that reduce any swelling that directly reduces any pain you might have. You’ll feel at ease after drinking a large cup of chamomile tea, lessening your migraine.

2. Peppermint Tea (B009L6Q2YW)

Peppermint tea is another excellent tea to drink when you have a migraine as it has soothing properties that relieve you of stress. You can experience greater benefits when combining peppermint tea with other herbs such as lavender and ginger. An herbal tea bursting with the best herbs and spices should relieve your migraine.

3. Ginger Tea (B00DLJROQK)

Ginger has been a popular ingredient in herbal medicine as it’s known to provide some extraordinary health benefits. Ginger tea helps a lot with reducing headaches and migraines. Some other benefits of ginger tea include boosting the immune system, cleaning out bowels, and reducing stress and tension. Hence, ginger tea makes it to our list of the best herbal teas.

4. Clove Tea (B07KMF1QJ6)

Cloves are spices that contain major antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Drinking clove tea will make you experience an analgesic effect. Experts have claimed that clove tea works wonders on migraines, making it an effective herbal tea to drink. Also, clove tea helps protect you against other illnesses, given its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

5. Turmeric Tea (B01IMVL0OI)

If you frequently experience migraines, drinking turmeric tea will help you a lot in mitigating it. Curcumin, an active ingredient present in turmeric, has healing properties that help manage your migraine. Turmeric tea has neuroprotective effects that positively impact your headaches and pain, making it an effective herbal tea to drink.

6. Lavender Tea (B0009F3PMQ)

Lavender is an essential herb in herbal medicine that immediately provides a soothing effect when consumed. Drinking lavender tea treats numerous problems you encounter, such as depression and anxiety. A few cups of lavender tea can also reduce your headaches and pain, significantly mitigating your migraine.

7. Green Tea (B014GTZBFE)

Drinking green tea to curb your migraine will be a suitable way to get rid of it completely. Many people drink green tea for better digestion. You can also consume it to reduce your headaches, as all herbal teas provide an unmatched calming relief. If you want to reduce your migraine through natural means, you should drink a few cups of green tea.

8. White Tea (B07LDF9V2F)

White tea is a minimally-processed tea that offers excellent health benefits, such as reducing migraines. White tea is highly rich in antioxidants, beneficial for your body. Drinking white tea can help you release your stress and experience a reduction in your headache. White tea further improves heart health and aids in weight loss.

Our Final Thoughts

Migraines can cause plenty of disturbance and inconvenience for you, so you should get on treating them right away. You can always consult a physician and take prescription drugs. However, it’s more beneficial if you try to reduce it naturally.

Herbal teas are not only excellent for migraines, but they provide other health benefits too. Health benefits that can aid you in living a longer, healthier life. Incorporating herbal teas into your daily lifestyle can significantly help you improve your health.

After you get used to herbal teas, you’ll realize how crucial they are as they offer more benefits than you can think of. Drinking herbal tea is an excellent way of relieving your stress; some even call it therapeutic.

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