Natural Supplements For Teenage Hormones

Teenage years are critical years of every human. These years are when parents are super concious about their teens and pay special attention to their mental and physical health. A slight imbalance in their health can cause hormonal disbalances. That’s why it’s vital to know the best natural supplements for teenage hormones. Including them in your teen’s diet as soon as they cross 13 years of age helps you prevent many hormonal issues.

Handling your teens is complex and daunting. You must know when to draw the boundaries but not be too overbearing. Your teen might act out, suddenly get too quiet, or may not have the connection with you that they once had. It’s usually due to the raging hormones that are affecting your child. If you feel these symptoms in your child, find out the root of the problems.

Our 5 Best Natural Supplements For Teenage Hormones

Below we discuss 5 natural supplements you can include in your teenager’s life. They help your child have a smooth puberty and growth spurt while maintaining their hormones. The vital hormones that develop in your teenager are testosterone in boys and estrogen in girls. Continue reading and find out the natural supplements to manage these hormones effectively.

Natural supplements for teenage hormones are a significant help for puberty!

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1. Vitamin D

Staying in the sun is one of the most effective ways to absorb Vitamin D. However, did you know that this works at specific times? For instance, noon is the best time when your body receives the most vitamin D from the sunlight.

That’s why you must ensure that your teenager doesn’t miss out on the sunlight a lot. Sure, they have school and college to focus on, but try going out with your child on weekends. Allow them to bask in the sunrays, visit the beach or take strolls around your neighborhood. Ask them about whatever is happening in their lives, share your life happenings with them, and have fun. That even helps you bond more with your teen.

Teens are sensitive to emotions, and they already have numerous responsibilities that may further stress them out. Homework, maintaining grades, their “social reputation,” and what not;

All these indoor activities can also cause your teen to experience vitamin D deficiencies. That’s why you must encourage your teenager to indulge in daytime outdoor activities. From casual brunches and breakfasts to jogging in parks, have your child get the dose of Vitamin D their bodies need.

So, what does Vitamin D do for your teenager? The nutrient improves their moods and offers them a serotonin and dopamine boost. Serotonin makes you feel happier, and a lack of this hormone makes your teen experience mood swings. Serotonin is crucial for your teen’s overall health because it improves sleep, appetite, and metabolism.

Vitamin D, hence, targets all the key factors that might cause hormonal problems in your teen. That’s why it’s one of the best natural supplements for teenage hormones, after all. If you feel like your teen is not getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight, you can always include the nutrient in their dietary plans. See that your child eats food loaded with vitamin D. Egg yolks, beef liver, and fatty fish like salmon are some of the best things they can eat.

If your child is picky with food- like most teens are-, don’t worry. Just add vitamin D supplements! They are instant suppliers of Vitamin D in your teen and help recover all vitamin D deficiencies in your child.

Here are a few dietary suggestions for Vitamin D:

2. Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are the fundamentals for your teen’s hormonal health. A lack of B vitamins causes your teen to experience several issues like acne, mood swings, anxiety, and fatigue. Vitamin B complex includes Vitamin B, B6, and B12.

You never know when your teenager is going through high stress and tension. Anxiety and stress are common components in a teenager’s mind. Your teen experiences numerous emotions and thoughts for the first time because that’s when they start growing up. Mid teenage years are when everyone starts realizing that they’re getting closer to the practical life they see their parents and other elders going through.

Vitamin B6 is vital for teenage girls because it regulates the hormones in their bodies. Teenage girls may contain stressful thoughts about their menstrual cycles, cramps, and spotting. Under such circumstances, their bodies tend to lose vitamin B6 quicker. Excessive stressing can thus, cause your teen girl to experience vitamin B6 deficiencies that affect their overall health.

B6 is a mood changer that also helps adolescent boys go through puberty quickly. Hitting puberty and adapting to the changes can be stressful. Vitamin B6 helps improve metabolism and keep your teen boy’s energies high.

Vitamin B12, on the other hand, is another valuable nutrient for your adolescent’s mental fitness. B12 improves your teen’s brain functionality. It protects the nervous system, sharpens focus, and prevents weak memory. B12 also helps create more red blood cells in the body and maintain the blood supply in the body. That ensures that all of your teen’s organs receive the required oxygen to stay healthy.

If your family or your teen kid follows a vegan-friendly diet, then you must take special care about their vitamin B intake. Meat and animal products are some of the best sources for B12. So, following vegan-friendly diets can be healthy, but only if it covers all the necessary nutrients your adolescent’s body demands. So, make sure your teen east more of the products that contain a sufficient amount of vitamin B-12.

Is your teen a fussy eater who doesn’t like leafy greens or beef liver? Go for supplements! You can consider including these supplements that are packed with Vitamin B complex:

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are the dietary must-haves for every adolescent. The fatty acids save your teen’s mental and psychical wellbeing both. Don’t be scared of the word fatty. Omega-3s are the good fats everyone needs to live a healthy life.

Omega-3 acids are found in fatty fish, nuts like walnuts, and plant oils like canola oil. Fatty fish, including mackerel, tuna, and salmon, are some of the most wholesome sources of omega-3s.

A huge component of teenage years made up of pent up stress and anxiety. Omega-3s control that. The fatty acids wash away your stress and improve your mood. They are crucial for your teen’s mental peace and emotional stability. The acids also enhance brain functions, improve their body’s growth, and even cure or lower the symptoms of asthma and ADHD.

In addition to this, the fatty acids improve your adolescent’s sleeping habits. Irregular sleep is one of the consequences of hormonal changes. If your child is not sleeping a fitful and restful sleep of 8 hours, they will feel sluggish and get irritated and annoyed with everything. It’s natural.

Also, in most cases, lack of certain nutrients causes an irregular and lack of sleep. Omega-3 fatty acids help overcome such deficiencies and enable your teen to get better sleep. That allows their body to de-stress and relax, making them more productive and energetic as they wake up. That is all that makes Omega-3 fatty acids one of the best natural supplements for moody teenagers.

Eating fish or nuts alone may not offer your teen the amount of Omega-3s they require. In such cases, you shouldn’t hesitate to add some Omega-3 supplements to your child’s eating schedules. Supplements aren’t mere replacements. They assist the current food consumption of your teen and boost the nutrient intake. This way, your teen receives an instant intake of the fatty acids they need for their hormonal and overall health.

If you’re looking for some omega-3 supplements and foods, here you go!

4. Green Tea And Herbal Teas

Do you know the best way to enable your adolescent into hushing all their raging hormones? Herbal teas are your go-to liquids. The healing herbal teas offer your teen the exact serenity their inner turmoil needs.

Teas including green tea, chamomile, and red clover are exceptional for teenage hormones. They cleanse souls and erase all the toxins from the body. A punctual indulgence in herbal teas is beneficial for teens. Herbal teas reduce your teen’s stress hormones and improve their sleep.

Every parent wants their teen to go through calm puberty that doesn’t mess up their hormones and emotions. If you’re one of them, know that green tea and herbal tea are the necessities in your grocery shopping.

Your adolescent will feel reenergized and peaceful as they sip along to a warm cup of herbal tea. Not only do the teas improve your teen’s digestion, but they also get their productivity soaring. A cup of chamomile tea at night allows your adolescent to sleep better and wake up revitalized.

If your teen is out on a weight-shedding journey, green tea is a vital superfood. The beverage cleans all the toxins from your blood and brings a healthy flush to your teen’s skin. Acne is one of the major hormonal problems that teens go through. Now you know what helps curb them away!

Herbal teas don’t have caffeine. However, some green teas do. While a high caffeine consumption isn’t optimal, low caffeine from green tea is helpful. It offers an energetic boost to your teen’s body. You can have your teen drink caffeinated green tea once or twice a week and herbal and decaf green teas on the rest of the days.

We’ll offer some teas to help your teenager:

5. Zinc

Zinc is one of the most valuable natural supplements for teenage hormones. It assists with height and body development- a critical stage of puberty. Zinc even plays a huge role in managing your child’s emotional wellbeing. It’s an anti-depressing nutrient that prevents you from feeling sluggish and sad. You may feel like your adolescent’s moods are dropping low. Or, if you think that they might be going through depression, include zinc in their diet right.

You should treat your child’s teenage years with delicate yet keen attention. As your child’s hormones shift and transform, they may start experiencing angry or moody outbursts. This isn’t anything strange. Don’t fret and increase zinc in your teen’s food.

Oysters, red meat, cashews, and leafy greens are foods with high zinc content. If your child is allergic to seafood, skip the oysters. But try to include as many of the zinc-loaded superfoods as possible. Remember, you can even go for zinc supplements and gummies too. We’ll list down some of the ways to boost your child’s zinc consumption:

Our Final Thoughts

Parents and even teenagers themselves must know about the best supplements for teenage hormones. Knowledge is the best way to create awareness. Now that you know the 5 best natural supplements for teenage hormones, shop for them right away.

Regular intake of these supplements will ensure your adolescent remains protected from unwanted and harmful strains, anxiety, and deficiencies.

Teenage years and puberty are drastic changes. The supplements mentioned above will work their wonders; you can be sure of that! Makes sure your child experiences it all back with your guidance and the precise nutrient intake.

For further assurance, never hesitate to get help from nutritionists and other medical experts. They can identify whatever your teen kid is going through- or is lacking- and offer you recommendations to overcome them as well.

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