Best Color Lights for Meditation

There are many misconceptions about meditation, such as it is done to change or to become a better person. Meditation is not about switching off your thoughts either; rather, it is a practice that makes you more mindful.

When you’re in a state of mindfulness, you’re able to see things from a better perspective. Moreover, you’re able to process your thoughts without judgment. When you can do that, your body can let go of all the negativity, stress, and tension that leaves your body.

Some things aid in the meditation process, such as essential oils, crystals, meditation chairs, and meditation lights. We’ll be keeping our focus on the best color lights for meditation in this article.

How Color Lights Aid Meditation

The key to meditation is to make your body relaxed. To do that, you may use any means necessary, such as deep breathing, scented candles, and colored lights. Now you must be wondering, how do color lights aid in meditation?

Well, studies have shown that using light can affect your mood significantly. Light plays an important role in our lives, physically, biologically, and mentally.

The next time you’re in a bright room, you should notice how your mood changes when you move to a room of relatively fewer or dimmer lights. According to research, bright lights intensify the emotions we’re feeling. So if you’re in a bad mood, your mood will worsen in a room full of bright lights. On the other hand, in a room with low or dim lights, your mood will remain steady. It’s a myth that low lights can improve your mood, but the truth is that it just keep your mood steady instead of heightening it.

Blue or white lights are often used to induce energy; that’s why if you’re exposed to either of these lights before bedtime, there is a high chance that your sleep pattern will be disturbed. This happens because brain cells are more sensitive to blue wavelengths as compared to red wavelengths. Red wavelengths affect brain cells least possibly.

It’s a well-known fact that a good night’s sleep is a sure way to improve your mental well-being. According to research, red lights improve sleeping patterns and ensure that your body stays relaxed. That’s why in meditation, lights with red hues are preferred. But they aren’t limited to red tones alone. Other colored lights are used in meditation as well as each color has its own effect.

Effects of Colors

Each color signifies something and affects our mood. That’s why meditation gurus recommend using color lights when meditating or simply adding these colors to the interior of your room. Experts suggest that adding colors to home interiors has a significant impact on your mood and mental health.

Let’s look at some of the basic colors and their effect on meditation and our mood:

1. Blue Light

Blue light signifies peace and calmness. It is often used in meditation to reduce stress and anxiety due to its cool color. Blue light lowers heart rate and high blood pressure. The color blue is often associated with clarity, sky, air, and faith. It is one of the most soothing colors and is great for use during meditation.

2. Green Light

The green color symbolizes nature and is considered the color of strength. It’s often used in meditation to promote growth hormones. It’s a therapeutic color that can also boost the immune system. The green color signifies wisdom, money, and safety. The different shades of green are quite effective in reducing stress.

3. Purple Light

Purple light is great for reducing mental and emotional stress. Using purple light during meditation creates a peaceful environment. Moreover, the purple color is used for maintaining a balance of sodium and potassium within your body. It also supports bone growth. The purple color is associated with wisdom, royalty, ambition, and dignity.

4. Yellow Light

Yellow light is energizing and makes the room lively. Yellow light is perfect for morning meditation as it will keep you fresh the whole day. But be sure not to use yellow light for meditation at night as it can disrupt your sleeping pattern. The yellow color signifies warmth, happiness, caution, and intellect. The yellow color promotes activity and consciousness.

5. White Light

Like yellow light, white light also has a similar effect. Moreover, white light is great for reducing stress and anxious thoughts. The white color symbolizes purity, snow, clarity, cleanliness, and innocence. When surrounded by white light, your emotions start to mirror its whiteness. But when you’re feeling low, it’s best to avoid using white light for meditation.

6. Orange Light

An orange light is another great aid for meditation. Orange light helps in stimulating the brain, and you’re able to come up with creative ideas. Your thought process improves by using orange light during meditation. An orange light is often called the source of creativity and also signifies wealth, sophistication, and prosperity.

7. Red Light

Red light is best used at night for meditation because it helps in improving the quality of sleep. Studies have shown that using red light for meditation can also aid in improving your mood. The red color signifies romance, courage, passion, love, and leadership.

The 4 Best Color Lights for Meditation

Now you know how color lights help in meditating and what effect different colors have on your mood. Let’s now look at some of the best color lights for meditation that you can buy online:

1. Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal, 8-11 Lbs, Salt Lamp (ASIN #B001892AX2)

This Himalayan salt lamp creates a unique light that is a mixture of sunset and molten lava. It’s great for use during meditation, especially at night. It creates a dim glow that helps you relax and stay peaceful. The lamp is hand-carved and made with 100% pure Himalayan salt found in the salt mines of Pakistan.

The base of this salt lamp is made of neem wood which makes it durable. The best part is that the lamp is termite-free, so you don’t have to worry about any bugs crawling near it.

The lamp is pretty to look at and can even be used as a decoration piece in any room of your house. Once you’re done with meditation, it can be used as a night lamp or even blend in with your living room furniture.

The lamp comes with a 15-watt power bulb and 6 ft long power cord. It even has a rotary dimmer switch which allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. It’s perfect for meditation and helps in improving the mood. You can use it for improving sleep quality or simply as a decoration piece. The lamp runs on 120 volts, and the bulb can be changed when needed. It’s not too heavy or too light, and it weighs just the right amount making it the perfect gift item for any occasion. If you know someone who’s into yoga or meditation, this salt lamp is the perfect gift.

2. SEGOAL Moon Lamp Kids Night Light (ASIN # B07RFGSLRD)

This moon lamp is made with durable PVC and has an accurate 3D print of meteorites disclosed by NASA satellite images. While it’s designed for kids, you can always use it for meditation or just as a decoration piece.

You can change the color of the lights as per your requirement, making it ideal for meditation. You can set the mood in any way you like. It’s great for building a relaxing atmosphere and keeping the body calm. Depending on your choice of color, you can use it during morning or night meditation. You can change the colors and the mood with the help of a touch button or remote control, making it hassle-free.

The product comes with a battery of 1500mAh, making it last for approximately 15 hours when fully charged. It also comes with a USB charging cable that you can connect to your phone, computer, or a power bank.

The best part about this product is that the light is flicker-free, and if there’s anything wrong with the product, it will be replaced immediately upon contacting the seller. There are a total of 16 colors available in this moon lamp, meaning you can meditate at any time and set the mood accordingly.

The product has an 8-watt bulb and has a wooden base making it sturdy and durable. The product has a total weight of 15.5 ounces.

3. Himalayan Glow Selenite Skyscraper, Natural Healing Crystal Lamp (ASIN # B085PQZ7T1)

This crystal lamp is made from gypsum. It’s a natural healing crystal lamp that’s great for meditation and yoga. The crystal stone cleanses the aura and eliminates the negative energy in the room. Use this healing crystal lamp while meditating to put yourself in a better mood whenever you’re feeling low or in a bad mood.

The lamp consists of a white selenite slab and an incandescent yellowish light source. You can create a warm and calm atmosphere with this lamp. It’s a beautiful piece of art that you can use whenever you want and make for a great decoration. It would also make for a great present for special occasions.

It has a dimmer switch which allows you to control the intensity of the light. You can power it with an electric cord that comes along with the lamp. It requires 120 volts to operate.

If you want peace and calm within yourself, you need this color light to set the mood. It’s perfect for connecting with your inner self and eliminating negativity.

4. Tremont Modern Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamp (ASIN # B00K79QO68)

Sometimes simple is the best; using a plain old fabric shade lamp is great for meditation. Rather than going out of your way to buy a color light for meditation, you can simply use the lamp on your nightstand.

This fabric shade lamp is made of stainless steel, and the shade is, of course, made of fabric. You can install any bulb of your choice in this lamp. The recommended bulbs are incandescent, LED, halogen, and CFL. The bulbs aren’t included in the package, but they can be any bulb you want for meditation when you add one. The fabric shade will lower the intensity of the light, and you can have a soothing environment.

The item weighs around 11.8 pounds and goes with all types of bedroom furniture. The brown color of the fabric shade blends in perfectly in every household. Since the lamp itself is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rusting.

Our Final Thoughts

Color can affect our mood in different ways, and every color has its own appeal in meditation. We got over the details of various color lights and how they help in meditation. You can now have the perfect meditation experience by using color lights.

We also got over the 4 best color lights for meditation. Now you know which lights to go for if you need to buy some for meditational purposes. Moreover, if you want the perfect meditation experience, you can always use essential oils, a diffuser, a meditation chair, and crystals. Adding extra things to meditation can help you feel calm and relaxed. You can explore your inner self to a great extent through meditation, and adding small things like color lights enhances that experience.

Meditation is simply controlling your emotions from going haywire and a practice that keeps you together. It helps relieve stress and anxiety but saying that it makes you a better person is a bit of an overstretch.

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