Superfoods For Hair Growth

Are you scared of combing your hair because you get a panic attack the moment you see the fallen strands of hair? How nice would it feel to run your hands through your hair and feel their soft lusciousness? One can only dream. Except, you can turn this dream into a reality as well. We’ll give a hint: superfood for hair growth!

See Which Superfood For Hair Growth You Love The Most!

One way to start your hair’s health journey is by following a balanced diet. Your hair needs proper nutrients and protein to grow long, thick, and shiny. Hence, what you eat affects how your hair grows. If you’re losing your mind and searching for tips to make your hair healthy, we come bearing gifts. Below we list down 14 superfoods that prevent hair loss and ensure their quick growth.

1. Eggs

The egg is the best superfood for hair growth you can ever eat. Packed with protein and biotin, it provides selenium and zinc to your body. Eggs are effective suppliers of sulfur, vitamin B, vitamin D, and iron.

Have the best superfood for hair growth and get healthy hair!

Numerous studies conclude that protein deficiency is one of the primary causes of hair loss. That is what makes eggs such an effective superfood. Eating an egg a day keeps your worries about hair fall away. Apart from this, Vitamin D also helps develop hair follicles, helping your hair grow quickly and healthily.

You can have a boiled egg for your breakfast or fit in an egg-based meal cooked in low oil. It’s better if you had the egg on its own and not with many sides- except maybe a toast.

And if you don’t have a boiled egg, cook your egg with as little spice blends and oil as possible. Keep it more “organic.” That helps the egg lose bare minimal of its nutrients.  So when you eat the egg, your body will get the optimal level of protein, vitamins, and zinc it needs.

The more you cook something, the more the chances of that food’s nutrients washing away. Avoid this error and see your desired results in no time!

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains like barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, and brown rice are amazing for your hair. They supply iron, Vitamin B, and zinc- all vital nutrients for your hair growth. In addition, whole grains also provide silicon that gives your hair that shine you see on TV commercials.

Keeping your hair strong and healthy is easy when you consume whole grains in your regular diet. A bonus of whole grains is that they are super effective for weight loss as well. So in case you wish to shed a few inches and work on your hair’s glossiness, whole grains are lifesavers!

3. Fish with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It’s no breaking news that fish is healthy and crucial for your body’s fitness. It keeps you away from numerous diseases like heart issues and dementia. But more than that, fish also supports your hair growth by offering the exact nutrients they need.

Fatty fish with Omega 3 fatty acids are even more beneficial for your hair. Fish including salmon, tuna, mackerel, and trout are truly the superfoods for your hair. The omega 3 fatty acids improve your eyesight and make your hair thick and voluminous. Getting a gleaming skin is a cherry on top!

4. Oysters

Oysters are packed with zinc- an element that helps with your hair’s damage control. Zinc deficiency is one of the primary reasons why your hair might be falling every time you even look at them. Low zinc levels are also the reasons for dry and itchy scalps, thin hair, and split ends.

Therefore, oysters are perfect solutions if you’re fishing for assured rapid hair growth hacks. Yes, you can take zinc supplements. However, a higher zinc intake may lead to greater hair loss. That’s why eating oysters is a better and safer alternative. They offer smaller doses of zinc in your body and assist your body in controlling your hair fall.

5. Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables are loaded with all the good stuff your hair needs. Nutrients including Vitamin A and C, iron, folate, and beta-carotene are exactly what your hair demands. You can have broccoli, beet greens, kale, collard greens, and spinach for hair growth.

All the leafy greens pump iron in your blood that improves your body’s oxygen flow. Not only that, but Vitamin A even allows your body to produce more sebum for your skin glands. Sebum acts as a key element that pushes your scalp to grow shiny and nourished hair. That’s how the greens aid your hair growth.

6. Avocados

Another green and important food, and no- it’s not spinach for hair growth, it’s avocados. Avocados are overall a healthy inclusion in your diet because of being enriched with vitamin E and biotin.

Did you know that avocado contains around 200 grams of vitamin E? That amounts to around 20% of the total vitamin E your body requires daily to remain fit. You can include avocado in your dietary plans by adding them to your lunch salads or breakfast rolls.

An even more persuasive factor about avocados is that they also contain fatty acids. And as discussed above, it is proven that fatty acids enhance your body’s wellbeing and even prevent hair losses.

See! There’s a reason you see people around you going on and on about avocado hair masks and whatnot. It’s because consuming avocados can help bring volume and smoothness to your hair.

7. Citrus Fruits and Vegetables

Although fruits, in general, are a vital source of nutrients that your body craves to be healthy, citrus fruits win the race. Fruits like grapes, limes, grapefruit, and oranges contain high vitamin C. Vitamin C is fundamental for your hair recovery.

If you think you’ve got immensely dry hair with more split ends than anyone can imagine, don’t lose hope. Citrus fruits cure it all and make sure your hair remains glossy and well-nourished for a long time. Citrus fruits work especially well for people who naturally have hair that takes AGES to grow.

So, if you’re going through a massive attack of dandruff, rapid hair loss, or have an oily scalp that won’t let your hair get the peace they deserve,

Citrus fruits are game-changers for you!

8. Nuts

Nuts are the superfood for hair growth that offers several added benefits as well. Not only do the nuts help your body grow the fallen hair again, but they also help cure the damaged ones and turn them into a glowing beauty.  Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are the healthiest nuts to eat. They contain high levels of vitamin E, biotin, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Nuts don’t just fasten up your hair regrowth but even work to improve the healthiness of your nails. If you want strong and pearly nails that you see in the hands of your favorite artists, eat more nuts.

Nuts also have copper in them that builds your immune system too. Eating nuts offers plenty of health advantages, and strong hair growth is just a bonus you can’t ignore.

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9. Carrots

Carrots are must-have superfoods if you wish to flaunt your luscious hair. You can either have carrot juices and tonics. Or, you can even grill them or eat them fresh in a salad.

The vegetable offers Vitamin A to your body that is crucial for cell growth and development. The better and quicker your body cells grow, the quicker your hair can grow. Moreover, carrots also assist your body in producing sebum oil that is vital for healthy hair roots.

Carrots help your scalp grow strong roots. This healthy base is the reason behind your overall shiny hair that doesn’t break easily later on.

10. Berries

We admit that whole grains and leafy greens might not be a cup of tea for everyone. So if you are one of the poor souls who aren’t strong fans of seafood or greens, we’ve got a solution for you nevertheless. Add some color to your balanced diet by having berries! Very berry berries feel delicious and succulent to eat, and the best part: they assist hair growth!

Berries, including raspberries, strawberries, and acai berries, supply your body with vitamin C. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that safeguards your hair follicles and prevents hair damage and hair breakage.

If you want to enjoy a head massage without fretting over your hair breaking right away, berries are your diet essentials. You can snack on the berries throughout the day, hydrate your body, and not have anxiety about gaining weight either!

11. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are important for your hair’s health. They contain beta-carotene that changes into vitamin A as soon as you consume the sweet potatoes. A single sweet potato is enough to cover the vitamin A levels your body needs each day.

Vitamin A is famous for improving the speed of your hair growth and make them thicker. In addition, it also protects the hair follicles from possible damages, ensuring your hair remains lush and thick. Vitamin A even cures dandruff and works to keep your scalp moisturized and free from itchy dryness.

That’s why you must make sure to consume sweet potatoes in winters, especially- when dandruff is at its peak due to the dry weather. Think of sweet potatoes as the desert you treat yourself to every day. Tasty to eat and nutritious for your hair- what’s not to like about them?

12. Meat and Chicken

Red meat and chicken- if eaten in proper quantity- are exceptional for your hair improvement. Chicken is loaded with protein, and what does your hair need for its healthy regrowth? Yes, proteins!

Red meat is rich in iron. If you face iron deficiencies, eating red meat is crucial for you. Be it mutton, beef, veal, or goat. Their meat helps your body cover its ideal iron levels. That helps reduce your hair loss, grow healthy hair, and energize your body.

You can grill your meat or consume it without adding or cooking it in extra fat. Plus, high consumption of red meat may raise your cholesterol and blood pressure. A high level of undigested protein may even cause more hair loss. So be sure to keep track of how much red meat you consume.

13. Seeds

There are numerous seeds available today. Some of the best seeds to kick start your hair repairing mission are sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. They are boosters of vitamin E, selenium, and zinc- all elements that get rid of brittle hair.

You can add sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds to your next salad. Not only do they make your dish look presentable, but they add a burst of flavor too. You can even sprinkle some salted sunflower seeds on top of your dish to add a wholesome salted flavor.

Enjoying flavorsome food with the knowledge that you’re eating a healthy superfood that improves your hair as well? That’s the perk of eating seeds.

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14. Beans

Beans are high in protein, iron, and folate. As we’ve discussed above, protein is a major factor that supports hair growth and damage control. Beans also offer zinc to your body that aids with the hair repairing process.

Eating beans can cure a plethora of hair-related issues. Be it dry hair problems or hair thinning that consumes your thoughts, add beans to your diet and experience the improvements yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Your dietary routine does wonders for your hair growth. Sure, you cannot help it if your hair growth is affected due to reasons like aging or the side effects of a disease. However, you can always make up for such factors by ensuring you consume nutrients that assist your hair growth.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Zinc, and Iron are some of the vital components your diet must contain. Superfoods offer all these to your body and more. Be sure to include these superfoods in your daily balanced diet and see how not just your hair but even your skin start glowing.

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