What Is the Difference Between Prayer and Meditation?

If you’re someone who frequently prays and meditates a lot, you might be wondering what’s the difference between the two. Praying and meditating are excellent ways to find your inner-self and discover who you indeed are. However, there are plenty of contrasts between the two as well.

It’s understandable to be confused regarding which of the two works best, and the answer to that depends on you. Some people find praying more therapeutic, while others rely on meditation to find answers. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll find peace either way.

So, let’s begin analyzing the stark differences between praying and meditating, hopefully helping you decide which works best for you.

What Is Prayer?

When you pray, it’s like you’re having a conversation with God. Many people turn to pray in their darkest times or otherwise as it helps them confide in the Higher power. If you’re religious, you’ll find praying to be quite helpful for you since you can let out whatever’s inside you. Praying is like a therapy session, only free of charge as it allows you to unpack your baggage whenever you want.

The best part about praying is you can do it anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is begin talking to God, whether in your heart or out loud. Many people consider it the best stress buster as it gives them a chance to let go of the things holding them back. Also, praying is an excellent way to hear what God says to you about what you should do next. So, if you’re a little confused or lost, praying will help you find answers so that you can be at peace.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is considered a modern exercise tool that is the perfect stress buster for many. People meditate to escape their reality and into a state where they can find answers independently. Meditation has proved to have excellent benefits on people’s minds and bodies. It allows them to connect to their inner-self and discover things about themselves they never knew existed.

Meditation has practical benefits, as well as spiritual ones. Which aspect you choose to focus on is entirely up to you. If you think you’re lagging mentally, meditation will sharpen your focus like nothing else. However, if you aim to find a deeper meaning to life, meditation will give you those answers too. Many people, including therapists and fitness instructors, recommend meditating as it provides plenty of health benefits.

Meditation is, in fact, also considered an excellent therapy technique to help people explore their emotional range. It’s a perfect way to take a break and broaden your mental horizon. Many meditate to know what it’s like to exist in a state of tranquility. Hence, if you want to catch a break and want to relax, meditating will help you significantly.

Praying and Meditating: The Key Differences

If you’ve been wondering about the differences between praying and meditating, wonder no more as we’re about to explain to you the main differences between the two. Let’s begin!

1. Prayer is a Conversation; Meditation is Not

The first difference is that you’re having a conversation with God when you pray. That isn’t the case when you meditate. Praying is talking to God and asking for answers directly from Him in hopes of finding peace. Many people pray for forgiveness as well. If they’ve done something they aren’t proud of, they turn to God for repentance, which is why they pray. Praying is an entirely religious practice and doesn’t require you to have a proper form or anything.

At the same time, meditation is your time off. It’s the perfect way to spend time with yourself. You’re all alone and are looking for answers on your own. People recommend meditating to those who want to listen to their inner voice and discover who they are on their terms. Praying and meditating are two different exercises, as you can do the former anywhere while the latter requires you to have a correct form, surroundings, and accessories.

2. Prayer Is Asking for Help; Meditation Helps You Itself

Many people experience sorrow and bitterness at some point in their lives, which leads them to turn to a much Higher power. People pray as much as possible if they seek constant help from God Himself. Some people consider God their best friend, and praying for them is like asking a friend for a favor.

Contrastingly, when you meditate, you’re not talking to anyone. You’re wholly focusing on yourself, and it brings about excellent results by itself. It makes you more focused, not to mention it increases your self-awareness. The more you spend time with yourself, the more mindful you become, and that’s all because of a few hours of meditation.

3. Prayer Can Be Joint; Meditation Is Done Alone

You can pray with whoever you want, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a solo act. Church visits on Sundays can be considered joint prayers. Often, people pray for the same thing; for example, a couple praying for their child’s health. They can do so together by joining hands and talking to God. Prayer can also be done by more than two people and can be done anywhere.

However, for mediation to bring effective results, it’s recommended to do so in isolation. It would help if you had all the peace and quiet to connect with your inner-self while ignoring everything in the background. This way, you’ll quickly enter into a state of calmness. Hence, it’s advisable to meditate alone and in isolation. This is a significant difference that separates the two.

4. Prayer Is Independent of Time; Meditation Focuses on Present

You can pray for anything that you want. It may be in the present or something related to the future. For example, you can pray that your interview scheduled for next week goes well. Your prayer can also be related to the present. Either way, praying doesn’t hold any restriction on you, and you can pray for whatever you want for whatever time.

Contrastingly, meditation helps you only in the present. It helps you become a better version of yourself for today. You can’t meditate one day and expect to have all the answers for the rest of the week. Every time you seek answers from yourself, you’ll have to meditate that day. These are some of the critical differences that separate praying from meditating.

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