How to Meditate with Moonstone

How to Meditate with Moonstone

Moonstone is a beautiful, translucent stone used for centuries in jewelry and as a talisman. It is said to be connected to the moon and the tides, and many believe it has a calming effect. Moonstone is often used in meditation, as it is said to help bring about inner peace and balance. It is also said to be helpful for pregnant women or trying to conceive, as it is believed to promote fertility. Moonstone comes in various colors, including white, blue, pink, and peach. It is usually cut into cabochons, or smooth, dome-shaped stones, and set into rings, pendants, and earrings.

Here is a step-by-step guide for meditating with moonstone.


In the practice of meditation, Moonstone can be used to balance the chakras. The first step is to place the stone on the desired chakra. Once the stone is in place, allow yourself to be still and focus your attention on your breath. As you inhale and exhale, visualize the energy of the stone balancing and aligning your chakras. With regular practice, you will find that Moonstone is an excellent tool for achieving balance and harmony within yourself.


Next, you have to ensure the sincerity of your intention. What this means is that you should be clear about why you’re wanting to meditate in the first place. Whether it’s to connect with your higher self, release negative energy, or simply relax, be sure that your intention is coming from a place of honest desire.

This purity of intent will help to amplify the effects of your meditation and make it more likely that you’ll achieve your desired outcome.Moonstone is an excellent crystal for those who are new to meditation, as its calming energy can help to soothe the mind and encourage a state of inner peace. If you’re looking to deepen your meditation practice, consider incorporating moonstone into your regular routine.


The third step is to focus on your breathing. Take three deep breaths, inhale via your nose and then exhale via your mouth. Then, let go of any thoughts or worries you may have and focus on the present moment. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Outdoor meditation.

Feel the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Listen to the sound of your breath as it moves in and out of your body. focus solely on your breathing and allow yourself to relax. Moonstone can help to calm and focus the mind, making it easier to achieve a state of meditation. By following these steps, you can use moonstone to achieve a deeper level of meditation and connect with your inner self.


The fourth step to meditating with moonstone is to visualize a light coming from your moonstone chakra. The light should be either white or blue, and it should be bright enough to light up the entire room. Once you have visualized the light, focus on your breathing and let the light fill your entire body. Feel the light relaxing your muscles and calming your mind. After a few minutes, slowly open your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Which Chakra Does the Moonstone Chakra Impact

Moonstone is said to balance the yin and yang energies, promoting a calm demeanor. Moonstone is also said to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. When used in meditation, moonstone is said to affect the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the highest chakra and is associated with enlightenment, spirituality, and higher consciousness. When the crown chakra is in balance, we feel clear headed and have a sense of our connection to the divine. If you’re looking to balance your crown chakra, moonstone meditation may be for you!

What Are the Curative Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone has been associated with a number of curative properties, particularly in treating bladder, liver, kidney, and biliary tract diseases. It is also said to be helpful in treating paralysis, infections, diseases, insomnia, arthritis, and fevers. Moonstone is credited with calming emotions and promoting restful sleep.

It is also said to ease PMS symptoms. Some people believe that moonstone can help improve intuition and psychic abilities. Moonstone is considered a stone of protection for travelers and is thought to bring good fortune. It is also said to help prevent nightmares. Moonstone is associated with the moon and is thought to promote fertility.

What Are the Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is said to have a very calming effect on people. It is also said to help eliminate bad thoughts and cleanse the aura of negativity. It is also said to have metaphysical properties that can help to balance emotions and protect the true joys of love. Moonstone is a very popular stone and is said to be one of the most powerful crystals for healing.

It is said to be a very effective stone for balancing emotions, and it is also said to be helpful in getting rid of bad thoughts. Moonstone is also said to be helpful in cleansing the aura of negativity, and it is also said to have metaphysical properties that can help to balance emotions.

Final Word

Meditating with moonstone has a number of benefits. However, to reap those benefits, your mind should be focused, and there shouldn’t be any distractions that make your mind wander off. Also, you should pay close attention to the way you breathe. If you find it challenging to meditate with moonstone or any other crystal for that matter, consider joining a meditation class. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can resort to the countless mobile applications available for your smartphone.

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