Best Colors For A Meditation Room

Are you planning to design your meditation room? Our advice: be careful in selecting the room color. Choosing one of the best colors for a meditation room is crucial. The right colors set the mood, while the wrong colors might stress and overwhelm you even more.

Lighter colors make your room look airy, lighter, and relaxing. In contrast, some of the darker shades make your meditation room elegant, peaceful, and soothing. Paint the room with one of the best colors for a meditation room and experience utter bliss. Match the wall color with furniture and hangings of different tones and enjoy the serenity.

So, which color works for you? This write-up is all about offering you the best advice.

The 8 Best Colors For A Meditation Room

Get a notebook and your pencil ready to jot down some notes. Below we offer the 8 best colors for a meditation room. Assess which one will suit your preference and help you meditate. Let’s get reading!

1. Grey

Grey is everything graceful, poise, and luxurious. A rich grey color cleanses your soul and lightens your heart. The light grey-painted walls attract light in, while the dark grey ones give the room some warmth.

The amazing part about grey color is that all of its tones are perfect for a meditation room. They create a tranquil aura within the room. That’s why when you meditate surrounded by such a humble color, you repel all the negative vibes.

Make sure to pick the normal paint and not the shimmery one. Flashiness doesn’t help you concentrate better. Also, keep your overall interior scheme as a magical monochrome. Paint the walls with shades of greys and add lighter or darker shaded items in the room.

For instance, you can place a dark grey cozy couch in front of a light grey wall. Or, you can hang light grey curtains or blinds to pair up with your dark grey walls. Some scented candles, a yoga mat, and a cup of steaming hot chamomile tea later, you are ready to meditate the best!

Here are some things you’ll need for your grey-themed meditation room:

2. Navy Blue

The king of unmatched smoothness and sophistication, navy blue is an excellent choice for your yoga room. The creamy shade improves your focus and reduces anxiety. It helps lower doesn’t your body’s stress levels. Navy blue is a breath of fresh air that makes you enjoy your meditation even more.

Navy blue offers positive energy to circulate in the room, increasing your patience and improving your sleep. Do you have immense insomnia and crave a restful night’s sleep? If yes, then navy blue is the perfect color for your meditation room. Let go of all the worries and take deep breathes. Navy blue does wonder in boosting your productivity levels.

Paint your walls navy blue and add in some fairy lights or lamps to make the room even more snuggly. Throw a light blue throw on your couch add some dark blue and navy blue-colored cushions. You will be astounded by how well you can relax and work on your mental fitness.

Add some of these items to your navy blue yoga room:

3. Light Brown

Light brown is the epitome of distinctness and uniqueness. It goes well with several colors too. So, if you’re hesitant about light brown because you love darker shades more, we’ll persuade you. You can paint the walls a velvety light brown. And then customize it to make the ambiance darker and charming.

Light brown walls keep the toxicities out and allow you to embrace all the positive particles in the air. Also, if your meditation room lacks space, you can make it room roomier and more spacious. That’s the magic of light brown. It helps your space look airier, fresher, and lighter- all things that are vital for when you are relaxing.

A plus point: you can decorate the room in numerous ways- and all are sure to offer great results. Our tip: create a focal point that you can focus on when you step inside the room. Even a small room with a focal point can look wider and spacious. That’s why light brown is one of the best paint colors for meditating room. Regardless of the area of your room, you can still make it room broader and hence, let go of all mental burdens better.

Here are a couple of the things you can get for beautifying your light-brown-schemed mediation room:

4. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is one of the most special colors for your yoga room. It creates a homely aura of the room, notching up your mood right away. The color represents a soothing calmness that assists your body wash away all the tensions. Doing yoga as you sit in a room colored with pale yellow is an exceptional experience.

Add the right amount of LED lights or light up some candles to create a hazy environment. The soft glow will help your mind and soul cleanse from all troubles. The accent even helps you fight away anxiety and depression, making your mediation more successful.

Pale yellow is also an ideal pick if you’re following a minimalist approach to your yoga room. You don’t even have to add a lot to your room to make it aesthetic and relaxing. A small one-seater with a fuzzy throw shrugged on it, and a coffee table to hold your tea and essential oils are more than enough.

Lay your yoga mat in the middle of the clutter-free room and exhale the stress away! Here are some yellow essentials for your meditation area:

5. Light Green

Do you wish to bask in the relaxation and contentment that melts your bones away yet energizes your soul? Feel productive after your meditation session and welcome every hurdle with positivity. Surround yourself with green and see these thoughts turn into reality.

Light green is an earthy lovechild of peace and tranquility. It is the most anti-anxiety color that offers your room a calm look. The shade also offers an unmatched coolness that refreshes your mind, body, and soul. That is why meditating with light green around you is so beneficial for your mental health.

Light green makes you feel as if you’re near the sea. Close your eyes and think about the salty breeze caressing your soul, embracing you, and nurturing your soul. That’s how it feels to meditate in a room painted with light green. If you’re in love with the sea and want to enjoy a yoga-on-island sensation, paint your room with light green goodness.

Are you scrolling down for some suggestions to include this breezy color in your yoga room? Here are some tips:

6. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most adored and preferred colors people use for their meditation room. The color is not just ideal for the walls. But people prefer buying ornaments and other meditation-related products- everything lander-colored.

The color has exemplary healing and de-stressing properties. It soothes your eyes, refreshes your mind, and sends your body in a blissful state. The color offers natural quietness, boosting the serenity of your yoga room. Your meditation is sure to feel a lot more rewarding in your lavender-schemed room.

Lavender increases your motivation, reduces all the lethargic attacks on your body, and revitalizes you. It inspires you into crashing every bad energy particle near your body. That is why you feel more attentive and composed after meditating with the color so close to you.

Lavender is a color that you don’t need to stuff your room with. A little inclusion is enough to make your meditation room transform into a soothing perfection.

Here are some things you can invest in to complete the interior décor of your lavender-painted yoga room:

7. White

White is the ambassador of harmony, elegance, delicacy, and clarity. Soft, airy, and fresh, the color is perfect for your meditation room. Meditating in a white room is the quickest way to clear your soul from every bad thought. White rooms work even better for pregnant women, offering them the comfort and reassurance they need.

You should be careful if you opt to paint your room white, though. Because you must choose pure white and then keep it squeaky clean and away from dirt. Your meditating room should look pristine- at least while you meditate.

A messy or dull room may affect your relaxation. As a result, you won’t be able to de-stress completely, and your meditation will end up becoming underwhelming lackluster.

Meditation is all about extracting energy from your surroundings and using that to cleanse your soul. How can you expect to rejuvenate your body if your surrounding is dull, after all?

Now, how to design your interior to reflect the enchanting whiteness? There are two ideal ways for that. You can either go with an all-white ambiance. From floor to ceiling and every other thing your room has, choose everything white. Or, you can tone down on the white and add a subtle splash of light shades. That completes the overall charismatic aura of your white-painted room and is perfect for meditation.

Do you want some suggestions for both of these alternatives? Be sure to check these out:

8. Baby Pink

Soft and milky baby pink is one of the best paints for a meditation room. Why? Because this ethereal shade supplies your mind with therapeutic powers and improves your mental health. Pink may sound cute and blissful. However, baby pink is one of the only hues from the pink family that is exceptional for your meditation.

The gentle tone makes your body pliant and feels at ease- away from all the hurdles. Baby pink is the symbol of comforting love that makes you feel like you matter. Once your body gets the signals and feels at home, only then it surrenders and allows itself to break all the walls it builds to make it through the day.

Here’s how you can boost the spirits of your baby pink-styled meditation room:

Our Final Thoughts

Did you make some pointers from our list of best colors for a mediation room? We hope that you can now decide on what color you want to cover your meditating room with. Shop for some trinkets and meditation-must haves. Treat yourself to a picturesque and serene space. Indulge in daily sessions that reduce your anxiety and reenergize you- you deserve that and more!

Meditate every day and reduce your anxiety. Feel healthy and live healthy- for a long time. Relax away and focus on your physical and mental wellbeing better now!

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