Natural Supplements For Tremors

Do you experience frequent tremors? What causes those tremors, and can you reduce them? Are there any exercises or natural supplements for tremors that you can do? Here we’ll discuss the possible causes of your tremors and how to treat them.

Tremors make your muscles twitch. It can be anywhere in your body- from legs to vocal cords and eyes. Hand tremors are the most common tremors that you may experience. They make your day-to-day tasks seem complicated and can also increase your body’s stress levels.

There are numerous causes of tremors. You might be experiencing fatigue or anxiety, or your body might be lacking in vitamins. Tremors can also be a side effect of some meditation you’re using.

Hand tremors also have numerous drivers- from low blood pressure to Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors. These tremors are usually related to your mental wellbeing and occur due to some injuries or psychiatric issues.

Meditation and yoga are some of the best natural supplements for tremors!

Our 6 Best Natural Supplements For Tremors

You can reduce or treat tremors but not cure most of them- Essential tremors are one such example. However, treating them ensures that you reduce the frequency significantly. Food, exercise, and surgeries are some of the excellent ways to treat your tremors.

Instead of opting for surgeries, try the natural supplements that work wonders to lower your muscle shakiness and spasms. Below we offer six helpful natural supplements for tremors. These include the things you must have in your life and the things you must remove from your diet and life.

1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a crucial element that works to keep your nervous system healthy. Your body may not have a massive deficiency of B12. But even mild deficiencies can cause body twitches and shakiness. Lack of vitamin B12 is the reason for several illnesses like Parkinson’s, dystonia, and chorea. That is why you must ensure a regular intake of vitamin B12 and keep your brain functions optimal.

Vitamin B12 is not just an essential nutrient for adults but children too. Many diseases start developing at younger ages if your body is not getting enough nourishment. That’s why regardless of your age, you must see that your child and yourself, everyone manages their B12 consumption.

As an adult, you need a daily average of 6 mcg of B12. You can eat food that contains vitamin B12. Salmon, eggs, beef, and chicken are some of the foods loaded with vitamin B12.

However, every human body is different. If it takes longer for your body to absorb nutrients, you can even take B12 supplements that provide the exact nutrients to your body right away. You don’t have to wait for your food to break down the nutrients and then allow your blood to receive them.

Supplements are instant suppliers of nutrients and are vital for weak people who take other medications. If you take any medication, the chances are that you will need Vitamin B12 supplements along with your healthy diet. That’s because the medicines might further slow down your vitamin absorption. Or it may be because your body needs more than the required daily dose of B12 to stay fit.

Some of the B12 supplements you can get are:

2. Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is a safe and effective treatment for tremors. You can’t cure Essential Tremors. But a healthy level of B1 in your body can treat them the best. You can even prolong your intake of vitamin B1 without worrying about the side effects. The vitamin reduces the symptoms of tremors gradually until they become rare and almost non-existent over time.

Ideally, you must add vitamin B complex to your diet because B1 is a huge help for people with Parkinson’s disease.

If your body is low on vitamin B1, your nerves don’t get the necessary nutrients for optimal health and functioning. As a result, the ill-nourished nerves are damaged and unable to send the right signals to your body. That’s why you start experiencing twitches and tremors. Vitamin B1 offers a protective layer for your nervous system, saving it from nerve damages that may lead to tremors.

B1 isn’t just one of the best natural supplements for hand tremors. It also offers multiple other health benefits. It fights off depression, lowers your body’s sugar levels, and keeps you energetic and productive.

The best way to notch up your vitamin B1 is by improving your diet. You can start eating more of the superfoods that offer a high amount of B1. Some examples are lentils, green peas, fortified cereals, and yogurt.

You can have oats, flax seeds, and yogurt for your breakfast and some brown rice and steamed asparagus for your lunch. And then, you can end the day with grilled salmon, green peas, or pork chops with a generous side of greens. That’s the perfect daily diet with vitamin B1 in every food you eat.

Vitamin B1 supplements are a healthy backup as well. They don’t replace your food intake. Instead, they assist your B1 consumption from food and work together to keep your body’s overall B1 levels soaring.

Here are a few suggestions for foods and vitamin B1 supplements:

3. Vitamin D

Insufficient vitamin D in your body is hazardous for your health. Not only does it affect your bones and immune system, but it also deteriorates your nervous health. Low vitamin D can even lead to strong tremors. If you’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it’s a must that you keep your vitamin D levels high and optimal.

Did you know that Vitamin D is the root that keeps your brain health intact? Apart from shaky hands and body twitches, a lack of vitamin D leads to other psychological issues. It increases the chances of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and depression. Hence, a healthy supply of Vitamin D improves your emotional stability and keeps your nervous system away from damages.

The issue is that sometimes, you might not even notice your vitamin D deficiency until you experience significant symptoms or intense pains and tremors. To avoid that, you must start including vitamin D supplements and superfoods. These ensure you continue offering vitamin D to your body and not let it reduce ever. It’s also ideal that you get your blood tests done once in a while to assess your vitamin D levels.

Some of the superfoods for your regular vitamin D supply include fatty fish with Omega-3s, mushrooms, and fortified food. You can also have tuna, cod liver oil, almonds, and oranges to notch up your vitamin D.

A glass of fresh orange juice for your breakfast and leafy greens for your lunch are excellent ways to increase your vitamin D intake. If you’re confused about the supplements, here are some you can add to your grocery cart:

4. Meditation

Pent-up anxiety and high stress are two of the usual drivers that cause twitches and muscle spasms. If you’re going through any mental tension that doesn’t allow you to relax, all the strains can cause body tremors. The cure and treatment of such tremors depend on how well you de-stress and improve your emotional health.

There are several ways you can relax. Drinking herbal tea and meditating are the best tips for washing away every negative energy. Meditation and yoga make you cool down, improve your mood, and lighten your body.

Take out some time every day and dedicate it to meditation. Focus on your breathing, sharpen your focus, and spend time doing various yoga poses. You can even light up some scented candles and do some stretching. Meditation raises your productivity, improves your attention, and works on both your emotional and psychical fitness.

If you don’t have time for proper meditation, you can even indulge in deep breathing exercises after you wake up. Inhale deep breaths from your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale from your mouth. That removes all the toxicities and unwinds your body.

You can even avail yourself of body massages from essential oils. A light body massage using oils like lavender, jasmine, and chamomile is quite effective for curing fatigue and mental disturbance.

We’ll offer some must-haves to make your meditation sessions more peaceful:

5. Mediterranean-Style Diet

Mediterranean diet is one of the most wholesome and healthiest dietary solutions for your tremors. The diet consists of all the vital nutrients you need for treating your body twitches. The cherry on top is that this diet is not just for essential tremors. It is an appealing and fantastic diet for your overall health, preventing numerous diseases and promoting longevity.

Mediterranean diet consists of numerous food items, including:

  • Fruits, Vegetables
  • Legumes, Beans
  • Grains, Nuts
  • Fish
  • Low-Fat Dairy Products (cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt)
  • Less/No Alcohol

The diet protects your brain from memory loss, nervous damages, and other psychological diseases. Following a Mediterranean diet also reduces the chances of cancer and strokes. The fatty acids and low levels of fats make the diet vital for people diagnosed with diabetes and dementia.

The Mediterranean diet is the epitome of a balanced and fulfilling diet that offers your body all the required vitamins and minerals. Tremors occur due to vitamin deficiency, and this diet helps overcome all such lacking. That’s why it’s also one of the best natural supplements for hand tremors.

Here are a few ingredients you’ll need in your kitchen as you shift to a Mediterranean-style diet:

6. NO Caffeine

Caffeine is deadly for your tremors. A high or even a low consumption of caffeine can cause your tremors to accelerate. If you indulge in caffeine quite a lot, that might be why you experience body tremors.

From coffee and chocolate to even teas, avoid everything with caffeine in them. You may also need to check your green tea before drinking it. Most green teas contain caffeine. So, if you drink green tea because of its health benefits, you should switch to herbal or no-caffeine green teas instead.

As you stop taking caffeine, you might experience withdrawal symptoms. One of these symptoms includes an increase in your tremors. But that’s normal and nothing to fret over. The initial ten days or so may be challenging, but your body will get used to the absence of caffeine with time. That is when you will experience a significant reduction in your hand tremors as well.

That’s why avoiding caffeine is one of the assured natural supplements for hand tremors. If you’re panicking over what caffeine substitutes, here are a few you can consider buying:

Our Final Thoughts

If you experience body tremors, don’t take the matter with lightness. You should do your research and get medical advice to understand the root cause of these tremors. If you start treating the tremors in their initial stages, you can reduce them in no time. However, if you let them continue, these tremors can become a massive hindrance in your life.

Your health is a crucial part of your life. Instead of going to the stage where you may need surgeries for these muscle spasms, start with the natural remedies today. We’ve detailed the 6 natural supplements of tremors, including the one food that you must avoid diligently: caffeine. Start following these remedies and preserve your psychological and physical health.

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